• Cindy Parks
    Office Manager
    'I have been passionate about chiropractic for over 30 years. It continues to be my privilege to watch our patients achieve their health goals with chiropractic and positive lifestyle changes. Our patients recognize that it is important to actively participate in their pursuit of good health. I have had the honor of being a part of all aspects of this practice and it brings me great pleasure to know that I've played a small part in in our patients overall good health.'
  • Kelly Frey
    Clinical Chiropractic Assistant
    'I was lucky, that as a 12-year-old girl, my parents brought me to Dr. Parks for my migraines! Fast forward to this year and I am happy to say that, not only did I recently celebrate my 10th year of being a Chiropractic Assistant at Parks Chiropractic, but my 3-year-old daughter has also been under chiropractic care since she was born. From the beginning, I understood the importance of regular maintenance care for her, however, when her colic resolved, my decision to make regular chiropractic a part of her life was firmly cemented.”
  • Samantha Douglas
    Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant
    “I am the newest member of the Parks Chiropractic team, but I too am passionate about chiropractic and a healthier lifestyle. My 4-year-old son had frequent ear infections and while chiropractic does not treat this condition specifically, his regular adjustments allowed him to have a healthier immune system and now it is rare for him to have ear infections. Being a part of a team that recognizes overall lifestyle changes for better health is slowly and surely improving my own. In fact, I am excited to say that I just celebrated my 1-year anniversary of quitting smoking!”